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Changyuan Changtong Technology Co., Ltd.passed the national high-tech enterprise certification

Changyuan Changtong Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of CYG Changtong New Material Co., Ltd., passed the national high-tech enterprise certification on December 22, 2022


The National High-tech Enterprise Office of the Leading Group for Technology Enterprise Recognition Management issued the "Announcement of the Second Batch of High-tech Enterprises Recognized by the Guangdong Provincial Recognition Agency in 2022". Changyuan Changtong Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the high-tech enterprise certification, thus officially entering the Ranked among the national high-tech enterprises.

This successful identification of a national high-tech enterprise is an affirmation of Changyuan Changtong Technology Co., Ltd. by the provincial and municipal science and technology departments and finance and taxation departments. It marks that the company has core independent intellectual property rights and has strong technological innovation capabilities and achievement transformation capabilities. , and the standardized business activities carried out thereby also confirmed the company's path of continuous innovation and development.

Since its establishment in September 2019, the company's independent research and development and innovation work has never stopped. So far, 3 invention patents have been authorized, 2 invention patents have entered the practical review stage, and they have been selected into Dongguan City's 2022 "Doubling Plan" ” Enterprise list, Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology’s 2022 list of scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises, Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology’s 2022 list of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises. In the future development path, the company will adhere to independent innovation, increase investment in research and development, continuously improve the company's technological innovation capabilities, and provide strong technical support to achieve stable development of the company's operations!