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CYG Changtong obtained special equipment MFL-magnetic leakage testing qualifications and C-level special equipment non-destructive testing agency qualifications

CYG Changtong was awarded a professional qualification certificate in the field of pipeline inspection, which will enhance the company's further development of pipeline anti-corrosion business.On September 11, 2018, after unremitting efforts, CYG Changtong successfully passed the on-site appraisal and layer-by-level review by experts, and successfully obtained the "China Special Equipment Inspection and Testing" issued by the State Administration for Market Regulation (formerly the State Administration of Quality Supervision). Institution Approval Certificate (Nondestructive Testing Institution)" Certificate No.: TS7310591-2022, approved to engage in MFL-magnetic leakage testing work. 

On September 18, 2018, according to the "Special Equipment Non-destructive Testing Institution Level Assessment Standards" and through the review and appraisal of the China Special Equipment Inspection Association, Changyuan Changtong was evaluated as a C-level special equipment non-destructive testing institution.