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In February 2016, CYG Changtong listed on the New ThreeBoard, stock code: 836349

In December 2015, CYGChangtong passed the national high-tech enterprises to re-audit.

In March 2015, CYG Changtongset up Cathodic Protection Department to carry out comprehensive pipelineinspection, coating repair, and Cathodic Protection services. They completed more than500KM pipeline external inspection this year.


In April 2014, CYG Changtongchanged its name into “CYG Changtong New Materials Co., Ltd.”

And set up a subsidiary companyin the name of CYG Changtong new material (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd., engaged in coating R&D,and production.


In December 2013, the visco-elasticproducts were awarded third prize by China Machinery IndustryFederation

In September 2013, CYG Changtong80 ℃ high temperature radiationcross-linked polyethylene heat shrinkable – FRDP Heat shrink sleeve certifiedas Germany DVGW. 

In July 2013, CYG Changtongbecame a Member of Council in Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection(CSCP)

In June 2013, CYG Changtong obtained the China Anticorrosion Construction Qualification Certificateissued by Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection, and set up engineeringdepartment.  


In December 2012, CYGChangtong visco-elastic tape and pressure-sensitive sleeve obtained Shenzhen Scientificand Technological Achievement Award.

In June 2012, CYG Changtongbecame the first-class heat shrink material supplier of PetroChina.


In 2011, CYG Changtong wasinvited to participate in the 1st West to East pipeline excavationverification and repair materials selection meeting held by PetroChina West to EastGas Pipeline Company Design Institute, Pipeline Research Center and othercompany. 

In December 2009, CYG Changtong was certified as nationalhigh-tech enterprise.

In 2008, CYG Changtong wonthe bid trunk lines of 2nd West to East Gas Pipeline and become themain supplier of PetroChina.


In 2007, CYG Changtong wonthe largest bid share in the Sinopec national key project- Sichuan to East Gas Pipeline,and gradually become the largest heat shrink material supplier of Sinopec.


CYG Changtong set up a new product project –Environment Friendly PET heat shrinkable tube in 2005.

In March 2003, CYG Changtong pipeline heatshrinkable anti-corrosion products - heat shrink materials passed the Shenzhen scientific andtechnological achievements, and were awarded third prize by China MachineryIndustry Federation in the same year.
CYG Changtong was established on May 8th, 2000 as a whollyowned subsidiary of CYG.

In1999, CYG was recognized as a high-tech enterprise by the Ministry of Scienceand Technology (MOST) of the PRC and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

In 1986,CYG was founded by some scientists of the ChineseAcademy of Sciences(CAS.)